In addition to HPC’s standard armor protection for the entire passenger compartment which includes complete window overlap protection, pillar posts, firewalls, roof, tailgate, floors and doors,  HPC offers a wide variety of optional armored car equipment. These optional equipment systems are designed to help our clients counter specific threats that they may face in their specific surroundings and circumstances. Tire Spikes are just one example.  Other armored car optional equipment includes: Smoke Screens, Oil Slick device, Hidden Secure Compartments, Security Lights, Siren and Public Address Systems to suit specific customers needs. There are also Dual Battery Systems, Dual Ram Bumpers, Electric Door Shock Handles, Radiator protection, External Crowd Controls*, Video Cameras and Recording Systems even Weapons Systems.

  • Tire Spike Dispensers
  • Smoke Screen Generators
  • Oil slick Dispensers
  • Hidden Secure Compartments
  • Security Lights & Siren
  • Public  Address Systems
  • Dual Battery System
  • Dual Ram Bumpers
  • Electric Door Shock Handles
  • Radiator Protection
  • External Crowd Controls
  • Video Cameras & Recording Systems
  • Weapons Systems