Mensagem do CEO

                                                      HPC C.E.O. Message:

Nowadays,, there exists a lack of security all over the world.  People are living in fear and are worried about the future. “What will become of our children?” is the question I hear the most often. In a short time, progress and rapid dissemination of information became available to everyone by way of television and the Internet. Our lives have gotten easy and modern, but the problem is that many other issues came about these developments; namely a lack of peace and tranquility in our lives.
The quest of money, power and success can take away the peace that we seek.
I would like to share the following 12 steps for success that I recently learned:

1. Be ethical. The optimal achievement is the one that maintains dignity and reaffirms important values.
2. Study a lot and often. Success is for those that ultimately have something special to offer.
3. Be grateful to those who have had a role in your success.  The true champion knows that his victories are the result teamwork. Thanking others is the best way to motivate them. 
4. Raise your expectations. People with big dreams have the desire to continue to grow. Winners think about how they will reach their objectives.
5. Have clear goals. Human history is full of examples of wasted lives: love that didn’t produce meaningful relationships, talents that didn’t lead to successful careers, etc. Having goals keeps us from wasting time, effort and money.
6. Take care of your body. Nutrition, rest and exercise are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Your body is your temple.
7. Chose your professional relationships. Friends are the best resource in a crisis and the best source of opportunity for growth. Having good contacts is essential in decisive moments.
8. Have a mentor. Living without one is like trying to see through fog, knowing that result will only be known when little can be done. Find someone you trust, preferably someone successful and experienced, to help you make decisions, when necessary.
9. Stop worrying about everything. Tense and stressful lifestyles are becoming the norm. It seems like being competitive and having a good life aren’t compatible with each other. Nonsense …. define your goals, conquer them and leave your doubts behind. 
10. Have friends that are winners. Surround yourself with people that are excited to be alive, celebrate their victories and share their success, even the smallest successes with good friends. Shout, cry and fill yourself full of energy for the challenges that lay ahead.
11. Take risks! Life is not for cowards. Those that stay at home by themselves will only have to decide what pizza to order and the only risk involved is gaining weight. 
12. Have a spiritual life. Talking to God is awesome, especially to thank him for everything you have. Pray before you go to sleep. It’s restful and good for the soul. Prayer and meditation are fountains of inspiration. 

At HPC Armoring, our goal is to protect families that are in danger of assaults, kidnappings and assassinations, all of which accur more frequently while in transit from home to work or on another route. This is why we produce armored cars, to protect you and your family. Regardless of where you are in the world, HPC Armoring will provide peace and tranquility in your life.

HPC Armoring, Always saving lives is our goal.

Mauricio Junot De Maria
HPC Armoring